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PROBLEMS: Let us solve these potential and eventual problems
Restaurant Hood Exhaust System Services
SOLUTIONS: Using environment friendly chemicals
  • Fire Hazard: Fire is your worst nightmare; dangerous, life threatening, and very expensive.
  • Sanitary Hazard: Smell of rancid grease repels customers and attracts Health/Fire Department Inspectors.
  • Roof Decay: Equals roof replacement...A costly and time consuming result.
  • Exhaust Fan Failure: Grease build-up causes fan malfunction & motor burn-out. Expensive to replace.
Problems usually start on the cooking surface. Grease, smoke and fatty acids are produced by the heat of cooking meat on the grill. The results can be as obvious as fire damage and roof deterioration, or as concealed nasty grease odours.

We use the most effective cleaning techniques with state of the art equipment and chemic

cleaned hood
filter cleaning
grease collecting on roof